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Why you may need a structural survey in Stoke, Staffordshire

Building surveys and defect analysis from your local building surveyors.

Old Gaol Cell in Alton, near Stoke
Stoke Town Hall
An old style building at Alton Towers, near Stoke

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here, please do get in touch.

What exactly can you help with?

We provide all kinds of building survey, structural survey and expert property advice in Stoke.

Our team of surveyors are able to offer a wide range of services and advice to fit an equally wide range of budgets and property types. Our experience extends far beyond that of the private and public sectors. We carry out surveys on many assets from large commercial and office buildings to terraced residential houses and everything in-between.

For buildings from the Victorian period or earlier, clients should be aware that the Homebuyers survey is unsuitable because of its limitations in detail.

If a more thorough and detailed survey is needed, you may want to consider the Full Building Survey.

Who do I speak to during the process?

When you call Right Surveyors, you will be put through to a local Right Surveyors' office and be able to discuss your property requirements at length with our surveyor.

We believe that everyone can benefit from the valuable advice of a qualified surveyor, and that the most important thing is to be able to speak to them at all times, with no extra charges.

Being able to speak to someone with an expansive knowledge enables you to discuss any aspects of the property that concern you.

In your time with our surveyor, they will be on-hand at all times to discuss the results of the survey. This includes the future of your purchase, the price of it, and possible maintenance requirements and pricing for the future.

Which service is best for me?

Many surveyors only offer the HomeBuyers Report and the structural survey. Right Surveyors take pride in offering a more complete range of property services so that we can provide you with a personal service.

If your budget is tight, then we recommend the HomeBuyers Survey or Verbal Acquisition Advice.

If the property you are getting surveyed is complex or old, then our experts would reccommend a House Purchase Survey Report, Structural Survey, Full Building Survey.

Whatever you require, it is best to discuss the property or situation directly with our Right Surveyors.

What are your fees?

Surveyors do charge for their service and time.

Because of this, we have no standard fee scale as set prices can lead to time restrictions, where some defects do not get discovered because the surveyor does not have enough time to inspect the property wholly.

The focus of Right Surveyors is to deliver a cost-effective service. We provide you with fantastic quality surveys and you are charged for the service and time used, no more and no less.

Our surveyor will estimate how long it will take to look at your property, this calculates the price for their service.