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What is a survey?

...and why might you need one?

A survey is a written report carried out by a qualified professional which can shed light on either the whole of a property (HomeBuyer Report), or on a specific part
of the property (Single Fault Assessment).

You may be looking to buy a new property and need a survey to pick out any possible, unforeseen defects which might influence your purchase decision.

You may even need a list of maintenance requirements for a property you already own. If you are worried about a specific defect, such as a crack or damp patch - no matter the size, you may want to hire the services of an expert surveyor to give you professional advice on your query.

Whatever your property issue, Right Surveyors will be there to help give you the surveying service you require and deserve in Stoke and across the whole of Staffordshire.

What is a HomeBuyer survey?
Do you need a HomeBuyer survey?

Our Services

What we can do for you.

Surveys and Assessments

One of our specialties is providing pre-purchase surveys for residential home buyers. In practice, this means we are experts at helping you move house.

We show you all you need to know about your property and what to do about the problems that we uncover.

We offer the following services:

For more information or to instruct a survey, give us a call or use the chat feature at the bottom of this page.

Additional Services

We also offer the following services:

The contents of each report will vary on the service you choose and the details of the property.

Naturally, the comprehensiveness of the service affects the length and detail of the report.

As standard, we can provide a CD of photos taken on site, a buildings reinstatement valuation (for your insurance cover) and a hard copy of the final report.

RICS HomeBuyer Reports

Often called the HomeBuyer Survey, HomeBuyer Reports focus on highlighting matters concerning the subject property which could negatively affect its value - including building defects like structural movement or wood rot. By doing so, the client can make an informed decision about whether to go ahead with the purchase, negotiate the price or pull out altogether.

Whilst HomeBuyers Reports may not be as detailed as other services like the House Purchase Survey Report (HPSR) or Full Building Survey, this type of report certainly has a place in the market and can be very cost-effective for modern properties of a standard build type. It provides a simple to read, concise report designed to be user-friendly.

HomeBuyers Reports are unsuitable for properties constructed in or before the Victorian period and is limited in the depth of detail which can be included. Clients in Stoke seeking a more thorough view may prefer the HPSR or Full Building Survey.

Single Fault Assessment

Our surveyor David's experience as a Chartered Surveyor allows him to offer a Single Fault Assessment service for commercial or residential properties in Stoke and across Staffordshire. Instead of the full overview a service like the HomeBuyer Report provides, the SFA involves attending the property, analysing the particular defect causing concern and producing a formal letter detailing his findings.

Typically, our surveyor will look at the potential cause or causes of the defect, its severity and workable solutions. The service is bespoke, however, so the first stage will always be a thorough discussion with the client.

Clients who typically instruct for this service are property owners with a concern over an evident defect, like a significant crack, or home buyers reporting concerns over a single aspect of the house - for example rising damp in a particular wall. It can also be useful for building insurance quotes and claims or for the purpose of commercial maintenance.

For most, buying a property is the biggest investment of their lives.
Are you willing to go in with your eyes closed to costly defects and structural issues?

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